Saturday, June 17, 2017

Value Equities

Real Estate Co-Wholesaling equal value Equities, Hi, good day to you, partner with me do co-wholesaling but first, sign and contract agreement to share 50% value equities profit we make. here is a link respond telling what you think.

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  1. Real Estate Fix Flipping finance funding deals connected investors funding . stay connected.    What is co wholesaling?.  Co wholesaling is a way of wholesaling properties by forming a joint venture with other wholesaling real estate is a great way to start making money fast,    while learning about the business, and you can do it without needing any of your own money or credit  P.A.J Enterprise
                                        Co - MARKETING AGREEMENT
(page 2 rules)        If you decide to become a  Co Wholesaler?  partner with me you are welcome to download   Co - MARKETING AGREEMENT paperwork and sign it. great, now we well have a meeting to talk more about your inventory and how the planning works, Because you know whatwe have inventory that just did not meet the need of our buyers so maybe they can meet the need of your buyers.if you would like to bring your to one of our deals,we would be more that happy to split the assignment fee with .so,for example , if we make 10,000 we will give you 5,000 for bringing your buyer to the table , and we will keep 5,000. if this something that you are interested in doing with us , i would love to talk to you more about the process, how we do everything , and the" paperwork involved "   (You Can read all agreement right here just click
Zillow Real Estate, Rentals, and Mortgage the (paperwork to view) to make sure that you are protected and secure that you will get your Payment from us.  Member only Quick Cash System training videos module-1 to 7-co-wholesaling & much more. 


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