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Calling Co-Wholesalers 

Wholesale deal available NOW we buy Ugly house/cash / pretty house/cash. Mr. Seller and buyer, if

Script for Calling Wholesaler 

Ring ring, ring ….. Hello! 

Hi, my name is _Patrick  Jonas___________________ and I saw your advertisement to sell one of your houses and it looks like you are a wholesaler and you are selling properties at a discount.  Is that correct?________________ 

Well, you know, I am a real estate investor looking for great deals and I also work with a group of investors that may be interested in some of your deal if they don’t meet my buying criteria.  Do you have any inventory available?_______________________ 

(Now this is where you are going to see what type of inventory they have and if they have inventory available.  Then we are going to move on to setting a meeting.  If they don’t have inventory available, that is where you would move forward into qualifying their buyers. ) 

If the wholesaler has inventory say the following: 

Oh, well that is great to hear that you have inventory available. Can you tell me about some of the deals you have? __________________. I would like to see some of the property if they are available.  Is there any way we can set up a meeting to go out and see some of the inventory you have on __________ or _________? _________________ 

Great, we will meet you out there on _____________and we will see what you have available.  We will see if it is something that I am interested in or if it may be something that one of our other investors may want to come to the table and buy. If we bring another buyer to the table for you are you okay with Co-Wholesaling with us? _____________.  

(If they say yes, you are in a gold mind.  If they say no, say the following) 

I completely understand.  Maybe you don’t understand term but just the process.                    Co-wholesaling is where we bring a buyer and you have the deal.  If our buyer closes on the deal and there is a $10,000 fee in there, we split the fee with you.  It is the same way if you bring a buyer to one of our deals.  If we make $10,000, we would pay you $5,000 and we would make $5,000.  This is just so that we are on the same page.  We will look at the deals that meet our criteria and then we would love to run the numbers on it.  But if does not work, why not still do a deal together?  We can bring a buyer to the table to help close on the deal for you. 

If they are okay with the Co-Wholesaling this is when you want to talk about getting paid on the deal.  

Great, we typically will split the assignment fee with our partners in the deal. You understand you bring the deal with bring the buyer 50/50 split. Also, we have a co-marketing agreement that we would like to send over to you that just gives us the right by you to market your deal to our buyers. Where should I send that to________________________.  

Now, this is when you set up the ground rules and go over the agreement with them and make sure they have deals so you can bring in the buyer.  

Now let’s also look at the point of view that if they don’t have inventory and they have buyers. How we do that is by the following and we will lay the process out for you. 

This would come into play after the first script above.  

So you don’t have any inventory right now?  Well, I can completely understand that. Sometimes inventory can be difficult to get.  Do you have buyers waiting on you to bring inventory in?____________________________ 

If they say Yes…  

Great!  Because you know what?  We have inventory that just did not meet the needs of our buyers so maybe they can meet the needs of your buyers.  If you would like to bring your buyer to one of our deals, we would be more than happy to split the assignment fee with you.  So, for example, if we make $10,000 we will give you $5,000 for bringing your buyer to the table, and we will keep $5,000.  If this is something that you are interested in doing with us, I would love to talk to you more about the process, how we do everything, and the paperwork involved to make sure that you are protected and secure that you will get your payment from us.    

If they say okay set the meetings with them at the house or anywhere just get the meeting 

Also, you have to remember to qualify their buyer.  This is how that process is done. 

So, Mr. Wholesaler, I just want to make sure we are on the same page and so we are not bring inventory to one of your buyers that are not interested in it.  Can you send me a break down: like Buyer A, what he wants, what areas he wants, and what type of deals he is looking for; Buyer B, if he is a wholesaler or rehabber, or if he is a cash flow investor; Buyer C, if he is a commercial investor.  We do not really need their name or their information.  We just need to know their criteria and then we will bring those deals to you.  You can present those deals to your buyers and, if we find an agreement, we can come together and co-wholesale the deal.  That is typically how we work.  We co-wholesale with investors like you so that we can make a win/win situation.  We split the assignment feesDoes that sound like something you are interested in?   

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